Monday, January 17, 2011

please Don't Ask, I'm ok

Talking yesterday,
privatly, wishingly,
she told me
what she wanted
from all of you.
She said
she wanted you all
to know that just because
she writes about
it does not mean
that she
is in trouble.
So the next time
you see a poem about
suicide or screaming
crying or murder
just remember
she's not
going to end "it all"
she's not
screaming in a dark room
she's not
crying herself to sleep
she's not
about to go murder someone.
She is simply
relaying the things
she sees in books
and the news
back into
her own words
in a way
of understanding.

Never ever

It surrounds me.
An opportunity
at every turn.
no wonder
so many people
do it.
Every day
like bugs
to a light
we're drawn
to the sharp
the poisonous
Never even crossed
my mind before.
I would never
act on this.
Not in
that much trouble.
What I see
is a challenge.
Forbidden fruit
for the damned.
Give me something
I can't have
and I almost
they scream
at us all
everything we cannot
ever do.
Little do they know
that's when my mind
sees all the ways
I could do
exactly what they wish
me not to do.
and you
can't even see.
what's right behind