Monday, February 28, 2011

And I would be...

don’t like for people to see what I’m really feeling.
won’t allow for people to worry about me.
worry constantly about my own appearance but then again, what teenager doesn’t?
flirt quite often when I’m single.
think people are looking at me when they’re obviously not.
eat wayyyyyy too much.
love singing
and acting
and being completely insane and not caring.
am mean and disrespectful.
am giddy far too often.
try very hard to keep others happy but I’m not generally too helpful XD
dance around in my room by myself.
am allergic to cats yet still pet Iggy every day.
ignore problems I don’t want to face.
fail French a lot.
listen to sappy songs.
get jealous of other girls with my guy friends…don’t ask me why, I’m obviously insane J
become strangely excited over little things.
don’t get my hopes up too often.
write one story/poem every day.
love my family and friends.
I know myself.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's hard to watch

So you say
that the tearing words
coming from your hatful mouth
are the only truths.
While others spout their own
ideas and opinions
you simply laugh in their direction
thinking that they couldn’t possibly
be right.
We look at you
and we wonder why you won’t listen
but then we realize
that you don’t want to hear our views.
You only want to enlighten us
In the ways of your thinking.
Unfortunately, you won’t change.

An optimist would say
that later on in life
you’ll learn to listen to differing views
but as someone who knows you
you won’t.
This view on life will cost you
your friends
your family
your relationships
and your job

But for now
please smile and be a cynic
about what we are saying to you
and make your girlfriend cry
over stupid political debates
and think that you are always right
and hate your dad (because you are just like him)
and never feel true happiness
because no one will want you to feel that
after you treat them
in such a demeaning way.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dreamland Lovers

We were the “it” couple.
Walking down the hallway,
holding hands,
parting the students
like the Red sea,
loving the power.
A majority loved us.
Few hated us
because we were nice.
different but nice.
We had risen from the bottom.
Meek inherited the school.
People starred
in admiration,
and occasionally disgust
but generally