Saturday, September 24, 2011


A fire escapes
the choke hold
of the dragon’s sleek veridiant tongue
that wraps around
shadowy vines
adorned with deep
asleelical stones.

They glow and vibrate
in the marilious fall sun
that flashes
and finally
glows a dark royal blue
casting cool air
and brilliant versilimations
down upon the jumping,
meep community.

All as one
they spin and leap
dancing to the beat
of the glorious nature
and in its turn,

No clouds…but rainfall,
vibrations sent to kill,
a journey that never ends.

And this is what they dance to
for all of forever.


Oh so creative, aren’t you?
Oh so talented, aren’t you?
Oh so perfect
and amazing
and different
and special
and every thing-I’m-not,
aren’t you?

At least,
that’s what you strive
to remind everyone of.
That no one compares
to the glorious and amazing
everything in existence,
everything ever made
ever thought of,
dreamt up,
is no where
as amazing as you.

Because you’re better than us, aren’t you?
Because you’re more talented than us, aren’t you?
Because you are the infinite human.
Ever so humble
and nice
never conceited
or mean

aren’t you?


Can you see it, darling?
Can’t you see it?
It’s everywhere,
you know.
In the words we breathe,
the lies we drink,
the hysteria we eat,
and the madness
we ignorantly confuse with normalcy.

You know,
we shouldn’t be the way we are.
We shouldn’t see the life we see.
We shouldn’t act, tell,
or pretend the thing we do
and yet.

My tears taste of acid,
do yours?
I can barley see
through the haze of “reality”
and my eyes
must be beginning to melt or burn
or something ridiculous
because this cannot be true.
You cannot be true.

This adventure,
this journey,
this mind numbing,
completely off the wall direction
that we travel in
seems to go unnoticed.

And none of you can see it.

Because nothing is in your mind
and no one is in your world
as long as the cornucopia of disaster
tunnels your vision.